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Pricing and Licencing

TPN Rentbook is free to use if you manage less than 20 properties

The free version
This version is available to anybody in the property industry who has less than 20 properties that they are managing.

There are no restrictions in the software preventing you from loading more than 20 properties, however TPN will contact you if you have consistently been managing more properties for a period.

The free version is available for both commercial and personal use.
The free trial version
If you know that you are going to be managing more than 20 properties, but would like to try out the system before commiting to a purchase, you can sign up for the trial version.

TPN will contact you after a period of use so that you can decide if you would like to downgrade to the free version, or purchase a license.
The licensed version
If you manage more than twenty properties, whether you are a managing agent or landlord, TPN would like you to purchase a license to manage your properties through Rentbook.

Billing is based on the number of properties you have under management on Rentbook, and billing is performed annually. The billing process is performed through TPN Credit Bureau, and as such we ask that you subscribe to the TPN Credit Bureau services - which will not cost anything if you opt for the occational use option.

Pricing scale

The pricing below is indicative of the values TPN is going to charge the market to utilize the management system, but the pricing will still be confirmed at a later date. Please contact TPN if you are interested in purchasing a license to discuss any pricing queries you might have.
Managed Properties * Cost **
21-30R 325 per annum
31-50R 450 per annum
51-100R 500 per annum
101+R 600 per annum
* Managed properties indicated the average number of properties with active leases for the period
** All prices quoted are VAT exclusive.